Gymboland, Summer Savior

Summer is coming upon us pretty strong. With temperatures over 40 degrees, it is not safe for ourselves to be outside, rather on our children. But with all this, they still need an environment where they can have fun and interact with other kids and create connections and, especially learn. So, here we are back at Gymboland

With tons of opportunities to learn and have fun, Gymboland is the perfect combination for kids, with many workshops and activities meant to cultivate their passions, to discover new talents, and develop creativity, the capacity of concentration and attention, as well as their insight.


Gymboland este alegerea tuturor copiilor care stiu ce vor de la o vacanta – distractie pe cinste si joaca fara limite. Cum canicula da peste cap solutiile de joaca si impune limite in timpul petrecut in aer liber,
parintii au o alternativa pe cinste in Gymboland si sunt fericiti ca prichindeii lor au parte de un loc de
joaca cool, interactiv unde voia buna se imbina armonios cu educatia si dezvoltarea.
Pe oaza de divertisment de pe taramul Gymboland, copiii se pot bucura in ultimele doua luni de vara, de
concursuri de dans, de activitati de cantat si de exercitii de indemanare care mai de care mai atractive. Isi pot pune creativitatea la incercare creand cele mai simpatice vederi sau rame foto si isi pot transforma eroii preferati din povesti in figurine din plastilina. Micutii cu manute dibace se pot distra copios confectionand fluturasi 3D, ornand borcanele sau modeland palmute din lut.
Nu au uitat nici de mult-indragitele jocuri clasice ale copilariei. Copiii sunt ajutati sa isi consume energia
si sa isi dezvolte musculatura si corpul jucand ”Ratele si vanatorii” sau bowling in cadrul atelierelor
noastre de vara.
Aceste distractii pe cinste, care fac vacanta de vara mai frumoasa fiecarui copil aduc un plus important in
dezvoltarea lor oferindu-le posibilitatea de a-si exersa si dezvolta coordonarea mana-ochi, abilitatile cognitive, perspicacitatea si imaginatia.
Indiferent ca picteaza, creeaza decoratiuni, confectioneaza hainute, se indeletniceste cu tainele origami
sau canta ori danseaza, un lucru este cert: nu este niciodata nici singur si nici plictisit!
Sponsored by Gymboland

Oversized nature

We love plants and we love them big and imposing.

An interior can change its aspect big times when we add a considerable large pot with an even bigger plant. Nature not just brings a fresh air to your interior but also a feeling of relaxing and comfort. So if you have the space for it, we invite you to add them in your interior and let us know the impact they create. We assure you that you will love it and soon you will want to add more.

Just take a look at this spaces and tell us they are not beautiful?!


Images via DanzaSphere Pinterest

Inspiration | Week 29 |

There are times when words don’t come as easy but you get lucky and design (of any kind) saves the day, or at least it saved mine few days ago.


Editorial was something I was always interested in and I find myself more often other than not circulating around it.  I hope you enjoy them!



Silk and Softness

Boiling hot in Romania. We are slowly melting. So hot that you have the feeling you can’t stand anything on your skin, rather on some body lotion. But I found that spray body lotion is the best option for me. It applies easily and gets absorbed fast, plus you can spray your entire body, even the harder parts, like your back. I love the ones with light textures, that don’t overload my skin but instead makes it really silky and soft.

Rogé Cavaillès has come up with Lait Hydratant Spray Express, a spray body lotion that not only does all that, but it is so easy and extremely fast to apply. Imagine being able to get dressed right after you finish putting lotion on? Pretty exciting, right?


Sponsored by Rogé Cavaillès

Nomadic Spaces

As an interior designer, it is hard to just mention one single style as I tend to go back and forth from minimalism (rarely) to heavy decorations, but I can truly say that nomadic interiors are, by far, one of my top ones.

I was always inspired by Middle East and Africa. I actually have a small collection of African masks and I am planning in growing it.

Up to a point, I am a nomad as I constantly travel and move from one place to another. I am a wanderer. And I especially like to gather objects from the places I visit.

I am in love with objects made by tribes in Africa, by Middles East sculptures and patterns filled with history that embody their rich cultures. Art, lamps, rugs, furniture, photography, sculptures full of textures, sometimes a bit heavy but beautiful. Hand-made, loaded with details that tell the life stories they’ve been through to get where they are now.


Images via DanzaSphere Pinterest

Sun Kissed

I don’t know how the weather is wherever you are, but here, in Romania, we are melting. With over 40 degrees Celsius (over 100 degrees F), the air is close to unbreathable; so, on a supposedly beautiful Saturday, here I am indoor with the A.C. at its maximum (and I don’t like A.C.) thinking about sunflowers. It is that time of the year when these flowers are blooming and the fields are turning from green to yellow as far as the eye can see. It is extraordinary how nature comes to life every year over and over again, just as beautiful and as impressive.

Tan lines, wavy hair, long days, and warm nights. We are refreshed.


Summer means to me gathering your friends and go on road trips. If one thing I absolute love is to take our cars and drive; drive as much and as far as we can; discover new places, create memories, take pictures, and make videos. Document the journey. Impregnate it into your soul.

I close my eyes and I see the sun kissed fields riding along my side in this experience we call life and I realize time flies just as fast. It is a moment in life that has already passed as I was writing these words down. And I smile.

Music blasting in my ears that send me to a different world and I open the window and let the heat invade my room. I stop the A.C. No wind, just hot air and I take a deep breath. Summer is deep impregnated into my soul. The sunflower fields are leaving me behind and making room for the white beaches and crystal clear water. I am home…


The Shadows of Alexandra Calafeteanu

By Posted on 24

My dear and old friend, fashion designer Alexandra Calafeteanu, brought to life yet another exceptional collection. With a desire to discover the beauty of women in all forms, her designs are describing the harmony of the many shapes a woman can have. In this collection, “The Shadow”, she explores the nature and how life is faced with its own shadows.

I am a huge fan of oversized  sleeves, high waisted pants, draped jackets, and corsets; and, this collection has them all. There is not one piece I would not wear! Using this pleated material, whose futuristic texture fades in many forms, the pieces have consistency and at the same time versatility, the avant-garde texture easily returning to its original shape, and combined with organza, in black, grey, and white, the outfits created by Alexandra Calafeteanu  managed to make a foray through all the steps that the current woman passes, highlighting the intensity of each life: innocence, maturity, courage, frond, rebellion, sex appeal, dominance, but also vulnerability.

The Shadow by Alexandra Calafeteanu, pe catwalk-ul Avanpremiere18
Nu exista umbra fara lumina, iar armonia dintre ele devine esenta vietii, surprinsa sub toate formele artistice. Inspirandu-se din natura unde lumina calda arunca umbre reci, in timp ce lumina rece proiecteaza umbre calde, prin colectia The Shadow, Alexandra Calafeteanu pune viata fata in fata cu propriile-i umbre. Folosind materialul solat, a carui textura futurista se frange in mai multe forme, piesele vestimentare au capatat consistenta si in acelasi timp versatilitate, textura avangardista revenind usor la forma sa initiala.
Materialul solat folosit pentru volanele generoase sub diverse forme, cu umbre in nuante complementare
materialului, si organza, in dungi ce au pus in valoare manecile supradimensionate reprezinta texturile cheie ale colectiei The Shadow. Corsetele, rochiile cu maneci supradimensionate, pantalonii evazati cu talie inalta si jachetele dramatice au fost rasfatate de umbrele de intensitati diferite ale materialelor negre, gri si albe. Accesorizate de inspiratele beltbegs de la Wildinga, tinutele create de Alexandra Calafeteanu au reusit o incursiune prin toate etapele prin care trece femeia actuala, evidentiindu-i intensitatea ce ii acapareaza fiecare traire: inocenta, maturitatea, curajul, fronda, revolta, sex appeal-ul, caracterul dominator, dar si vulnerabilitatea. Viata insasi are multe nuante, tocmai pentru ca are lumina, iar The Shadow by Alexandra Calafeteanu a pus lumina pe formele potrivite, comunicand astfel complexitatea feminina proiectata in zeci de nuante si intensitati.