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Roge Cavailles

I have talked about it here   about the Roge Cavailles  products and I am as happy about them now as I was before. Now, I tried 3 new products and the brand kept their promise in delivering good quality.

I have tried now the soap, shower oil and body milk, which are perfect for this time of year when your skin gets a bit dehydrated and sensitive. They nourish it without overloading it and lets your skin glowing and looking healthy.

The Almond and Rose Soap is one of my favorites tried so far as soap wise. Usually, a soap dries out your skin. We all know that from experience, yet this one let’s my skin soft while cleaning it really well. Double win, if you ask me! I use it every day and I plan to use it from now on.

I have always loved shower gels based on oil formula. They have the proprieties of a gel combined with the effects of a body oil, meaning it not only cleans it well, but it deeply hydrates your skin which, as a consequence, protects it from dryness. And as I haven’t heard one single person who likes a dry skin, this oil from Roge Cavailles really does what it says.

As the Nutrissance Body Milk, what more can I say than I am extremely happy with it? I love a formula which is light on my skin but also takes care of it. It is made 97% of natural ingredients which include jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and karate butter, 8 vitamins and minerals, like Omega 3 & 6, Vit E, Provit B6, magnesium, Zink, and few others. When all these elements are carefully studied (Roge Cavailles has 90 years of experience)  into obtaining a product that is specially made to protect and hydrate you skin, you can be sure this product is more than suitable for you.

I highly recommended it to all my friends and family because it is one brand I really like and with great results.


You can find them in pharmacies around the country and online on EMag, Farmacia Tei and Dermastore.

Sponsored by Roge Cavailles

Outdoors Indoors

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This truly makes me happy! “Multicultural Modernism”

“In designing a home for one of Venice’s typically long and narrow lots, Ehrlich recalled lessons he’d learned from the local architecture of Nigeria and the courtyard layout of houses in the medinas in Morocco. He calls his approach “multicultural modernism.” The result is a house that takes advantage of the climate and that uses natural systems and technology to boost the home’s efficiency.” (Houzz)


Just listen to what they are saying about keeping the environment as it is and working with it, instead of against it. This is just amazing!





The Interview | Javier Capitaine

Throughout this life we encounter all sorts of people, some make bigger impacts on ourselves than others and we end up learning so much more than we expected. Getting to know Capi was one of those moments in life when I knew I met someone who isn’t just extraordinary as a person but as a mentor and coach as well.

With a vast experience in mentoring and coaching, Capi is one person you definitely need to have around. With a strong dedication to his work and the rare ability to help one discover themselves, I can say I truly admire him and  I only wish more people would follow his desire in discovering the possibilities of human kind.


Javier Capitaine is the CEO & Founder, Head Coach at GSA Global Systemic Activation.

What is GSA and how is it different from other methodologies or approaches?

GSA stands for Global Systemic Activation and it is a Systemic Integrated Approach for the design, implementation and management of learning and training processes from beginners to high performance levels.

Each and every one of us is responsible for the processes of teaching, learning and training, whether sports oriented or not. So, this program is focused on those people who need to acquire skills in designing, implementing and managing transformational experiences through a systemic approach.


Tell us about your/GSA believes and how are they implemented into the program?

There are three fundamental beliefs that funded GSA:

  • Each one of our “HERE AND NOW” is made up of the dynamics of change brought about by our physical, mental and emotional drifting.
  • We are beings determined by our structures and we are definitely open to design; we are a consequence of everything we have learned.
  • We come into being from actions. Action is everything; we transform ourselves through doing and nothing is modified by playing with ideas.

Everything is connected: mind, body, and soul. How does GSA connect them and what can we expect from such an experience?

Our Courses Are Based On Conversations Which Teach Participants To Recognize, Activate And Manage Emotional Dynamics, And Also On Coaching Interactions. A Variety Of Exercises Are Used During Processes Involving Learning, Practicing And Training.

Each Session Combines Systemic Global Activation Units Involving Interactions Which Unify The Mental, Physical And Emotional Dimensions Into One. This Approach Is Not Limited To Sports And Fitness.This Approach Is For Individuals And Groups Of People Who Are Involved In Any Kind Of Learning And Training Processes.

The GSA Proposal Is Unique, And Each Session Is A True Challenge To Our Learning Capacity. Participants Are Given Situations To Solve Using Different Motor Skills And Combining Volume, Intensity, Active Pauses And Sequential Organization.

Excercises Include Multitasking And Multifaceted Approaches, And There Is An Emphasis On Perception, Particularly Visual And Rhythmical.

GSA Avoids Traditional, Structured Activities Involving Mechanical Repetition That Neither Include Multi Perceptual Aspects Nor Involve The Range Of Actions To Choose From Which Depend On Variables Proposed By The GSA Coach.

A GSA Session Includes Integrated Exercises For Both Individuals And Groups.

These Interactions Bring Together Body-Brain-Emotional Dynamics Which Act As Specific Triggers In The Transformational Processes.

And this is just an intro to GSA and what Capi is capable of succeeding. We will be back with more.

Thank you, Capi!


Capi on Instagram / Twitter / Facebook






Saturday night thoughts

Human relationships are weird. They push you towards getting to know yourself better but not in the easiest way, especially new but old relationships. When you reconnect with people you knew years back, they, just like you, changed. Or maybe you didnt know them as well as you get to know them now. But lets just keep the “they changed” option on the table. You grew up and so did they. So, now instead of trying to connect the old dots, you should start fresh like it is a new person. The problem is not that easy. Either you want to accept it or not, you, involuntary, make the connections and compare. But with time, you start realizing that, if both of you grew in the right directions, the dots will eventually meet. You just have to have patience and nerves to get over some obstacles.

People are never easy. None of us is.  Any person comes with pluses and minuses and that is the best part of it. Sometimes they drive you crazy or you drive them crazy, but if you want to hug them after that, then most certainly it is the right track to follow.

When someone drives you nuts (in a good way, if that even exists), then probably you care about them more than you would want to accept.

Bare in there and be honest. Of course, honesty is never easy to accept but if you do it in good will, then you are fine. I hope! Still figuring that out.

My thoughts…after all these,  a real hug goes a long way!

Nailed It!

Goodbye, Summer!

Hello, Fall! 


We are slowly waking up from our summer dreams and stepping into the work-based mental state. And everything has to be on point, starting with our manicure and pedicure. I don’t know about someone else, but if my manicure is not well done, I don’t feel at my best. And my treatment starts before putting the nail polish on. Our nails have to be healthy, just like every other part of our body. I have been talking lately about drug store products that work wonders. And I have found one for nails that fits right into this category – FeminoHelp is one product created out of 5 natural oils that is meant to regenerate and strengthens our nails. It actually works. I have been using it for a while now and the results have showed up very fast.



Argan, castor, olive, sesame, and avocado oils are the base of this product. My nails are healthy, strong, and shiny. Try it out! You won’t be disappointed.





Sponsored by FeminoHelp.



The Modern Man

We have been talking so much about interiors, interiors that fit more to a family or a woman, but how about men and their interiors? Spaces dedicated to men tend to be more “manly”, meaning more temperate, with darker tones of blues, greens, and greys, clean lines, perfect for the urban man.

Skipping the stereotypes of a bachelor pad expressing chaos and sterile spaces, the modern man tends towards a sense of warmth, elegance, and a diverse sense of styles.


Natural Vibes

September 1st, 2017 – Fall is here to stay. Even though, the weather is still late summerish, we are slowly getting ready for chilly nights and earlier sunsets.

As another autumn is making room into our lives, so are our minds shifting from bright summer colors to more earthy tones. And when it comes to nature in interior design, wood is a material that never skips a beat and it is in perfect combination with the outdoors. Natural materials, clean lines, the juxtaposition of details, all come together to bring to light a space that reflects the natural vibes of an exterior in an interior.



The Interview | Dana Chelariu |


Dana made me fall in love with Paris.

One of the nicest and kindest persons I have virtually met (Dana, I promise, we will meet soon) and with an eye for romanticizing the world around us, Dana creates art through her photography.  She is one of those people you definitely want to have around.


Few words about you and what kind of beauty you bring to this world? I’m a lifestyle and travel editor living in Paris. I try to inspire people with stories and visual beauty, architecture and moments from the city I live in.

What were some of the struggles you had to go through? The one thing that still consumes me it’s not having all the time dedicated just to the writing process and inspiration quest. I have a day job that takes most of my time and energy and I only have one day off left on my week to do what I most love to do…


Where does your inspiration comes from? Inspiration comes while reading…books, articles etc. I always make lists with pair of words that go nice together and that I use in different contents I need to write.

What made you chose what you are doing today? I grow up without much technology and television. My escape was the mountains and the books. Lately I changed the scenery but I still have the books…People often say that because I’m more of a solitary person that I keep finding my comfort in books and writing. Truth is there’s nothing more captivating than reading other people’s stories or creating captivating and inspiring stories.

How does your work influence the world around us? I really hope people will see more  the beauty around us, dream more and think less at the côtés negatifs of life.


Where do you see the tendencies going towards? There will be more and more video content,  for sure.

Future plans? Inspire and encourage those around me& travel.

 If one thing, what would you advice your younger self? To dare more, to spend my time wisely, to go on travels as often I can, to be more confident…



Dana on Instagram   & This is Glamorous