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The Interview | Dana Chelariu |


Dana made me fall in love with Paris.

One of the nicest and kindest persons I have virtually met (Dana, I promise, we will meet soon) and with an eye for romanticizing the world around us, Dana creates art through her photography.  She is one of those people you definitely want to have around.


Few words about you and what kind of beauty you bring to this world? I’m a lifestyle and travel editor living in Paris. I try to inspire people with stories and visual beauty, architecture and moments from the city I live in.

What were some of the struggles you had to go through? The one thing that still consumes me it’s not having all the time dedicated just to the writing process and inspiration quest. I have a day job that takes most of my time and energy and I only have one day off left on my week to do what I most love to do…


Where does your inspiration comes from? Inspiration comes while reading…books, articles etc. I always make lists with pair of words that go nice together and that I use in different contents I need to write.

What made you chose what you are doing today? I grow up without much technology and television. My escape was the mountains and the books. Lately I changed the scenery but I still have the books…People often say that because I’m more of a solitary person that I keep finding my comfort in books and writing. Truth is there’s nothing more captivating than reading other people’s stories or creating captivating and inspiring stories.

How does your work influence the world around us? I really hope people will see more  the beauty around us, dream more and think less at the côtés negatifs of life.


Where do you see the tendencies going towards? There will be more and more video content,  for sure.

Future plans? Inspire and encourage those around me& travel.

 If one thing, what would you advice your younger self? To dare more, to spend my time wisely, to go on travels as often I can, to be more confident…



Dana on Instagram   & This is Glamorous





Harbin Opera House

We envision Harbin Opera House as a cultural center of the future – a tremendous performance venue, as well as a dramatic public space that.

Harbin Opera House – Harbin, China

How can you describe such a magnificent work of art? Glorious.

“We envision Harbin Opera House as a cultural center of the future – a tremendous performance venue, as well as a dramatic public space that embodies the integration of human, art and the city identity, while synergistically blending with the surrounding nature,” said Ma Yansong, founding principal, MAD Architects.


Harbin Opera House by MAD ARchitects

Hawaii, my land of pure happiness

There is no need to mention again my love for traveling. It is part of my life and I don’t see myself ever settling for anything less than seeing the beauty of this world.

One of my dream locations is the ever mesmerizing Hawaii. One of my regrets (if I can call it that way) is the fact that I lived in the US for more than 4 years and I never got myself to this heaven on earth. But the plans still stand and I hope in the near future I can swim in the beautiful ocean.

Meanwhile, I read about the different islands and get myself all well-informed so when I do get there I will be less like a tourist and more like a resident. (My hope are quite big, aren’t they?)

We’ve all heard about Honolulu, Kauai, Oahu, and Lanai, but there are eight different islands, one more beautiful than the other. So I might as well just move there for three months to make sure I truly experienced the Hawaiian lifestyle, right? I only wish! While I love to dream with my eyes too wide open sometimes, let’s face it: in one vacation you can see so much. So I gathered few thoughts of what my vacation would look like.

There are secret swimming holes. I mean that is just perfect. As you walk through the dense forest and get close to the water, you might step into these peaceful natural pools in between the rocks where you can just swim and relax. Waterfalls are everywhere and, while you make sure to wear proper shoes (apparently the rocks might pinch you a bit in the feet), you can jump in the waterfall and have the time of your life. Heaven!

Black beachs, also known as Punalu’u Beach, are sand composed of lava. They can be found on the Big Island and while you enjoy this not-so-common view, you can chill out with the sleeping turtles and make yourself new friends with these amazing creatures, of course from a distant because they are protected by law. I will just wave and wink at them because we understand each other’s sleeping mode.

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, this is the place to be. With desserts all over the place, I can only imagine the heaven I will be in. Guri guri, a hybrid of shaved ice and sorbet, hot glazes on a stick are the perfect desserts for those hot days. A must try!

Watch the dolphins at sunsets. What a dream! I am not a fan of aquariums because it just breaks my heart when I see these amazing animals who are just held in such small places. I remember the last time I went to one, when I was a child, and I went to a dolphin show. I started crying and we had to leave the show earlier. Just heartbreaking! Anyways, back to my vacation in Hawaii. Here, you can watch them free in the ocean, where they belong.

Also, the Stairway to Heaven. I read somewhere it’s considered trespassing, but it has one of the most amazing views in this world. Maybe a risk worth taking? Still thinking about it.

Of course, this trip cannot be completed with a great resort and visiting the temples and the Japanese Gardens. The land of exotic fruits and perfect sunrises and sunsets and surfers!

Match Made in Heaven

The Guggenheim Museum is, by far, my absolute favorite museum I have visited (so far). It is just perfect. The design, the location, the art.

“Committed to innovation, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation collects, preserves, and interprets modern and contemporary art, and explores ideas across cultures through dynamic curatorial and educational initiatives and collaborations. With its constellation of architecturally and culturally distinct museums, exhibitions, publications, and digital platforms, the foundation engages both local and global audiences.” (The Guggenheim)

So far, I only visited the location in New York City, but with three other locations, in Venice, Bilbao, and Abu Dhabi, the museum is one that needs to be on the list of every single person.

It took 16 years to Frank Lloyd Wright to finally get to the architecture it is as of right now – a master piece! A true inspiration of commitment to obtaining the perfect design.“Wright’s building made it socially and culturally acceptable for an architect to design a highly expressive, intensely personal museum. In this sense almost every museum of our time is a child of the Guggenheim.” (Paul Goldberger, critic).

And not just being my top choice but now the museum has an exhibition of Constantin Brancusi’s work. What could I ask for more? It just takes my breath away just by thinking about it! The exhibition can be viewed up until January 3rd, 2018.

Brancusi has been my pointing start when it came to my designing life. I can truly say his work is the one that triggered my inner artist.


“His aspiration to express the essence of his subjects through simplified forms and his engagement with non–Western European artistic traditions led to new stylistic approaches. In addition, his mode of presentation, which equally emphasized sculpture and base and in which works were shown in direct relation to one another, instead of as independent entities, introduced new ways of thinking about the nature of the art object.” (The Guggenheim) – if you want to read more about his work, visit the the museum’s dedicated page to the exhibition. The Guggenheim exhibition on Constantic Brancusi

So, imagine my excitement when I visited the website and I saw the display? I was just thrilled especially when I saw that the exhibition is partially supported by the Romanian Cultural Institute in New York City. I only wish that more of these events were held in Romania as well. But that’s a different discussion. I am just deep down, insanely proud of being from the same country with such an inspirational and extraordinary artist.