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A Life Well Traveled

Travelling had been a huge part of my life for more than 10 years now. I can’t seem to imagine my life without travelling. And not just that, but it teaches me a lot of life lessons. It opened my mind and soul towards other people and cultures.

I was never the regular tourist. I like to get lost in the beauty of the city and, especially, of the people of that place, because, without any doubts, the people are the ones who make the place a better one.

I have visited over 25 countries and numerous cities and all I want to do is see even more. There are few places I love to return to on and on, like Lisbon, Rome, or New York City. And there are some I die to go to like Australia, Hawaii, and Morocco.

I see myself as part of a very lucky group of people with tremendous family and friends that made my life a lot better everywhere I went. Also a big part of that is because of tennis, a sport that forces you to travel and interact with people. I got to meet amazing peeps from all over the world that I always keep in touch with and have an immense pleasure in seeing during my travels.

Travelling opens up your eyes, teaches you history and makes you appreciate the world. With so many not great things happening in these days, I get astonished by the kindness of the world around us. We are kind and nice and welcoming, no matter the country. Life is meant to be celebrated and enjoyed, with all the good and bad things in it. We are a population of great human beings and we should stand up for that!