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Inspiration | Week 29 |

There are times when words don’t come as easy but you get lucky and design (of any kind) saves the day, or at least it saved mine few days ago.


Editorial was something I was always interested in and I find myself more often other than not circulating around it.  I hope you enjoy them!



Nomadic Spaces

As an interior designer, it is hard to just mention one single style as I tend to go back and forth from minimalism (rarely) to heavy decorations, but I can truly say that nomadic interiors are, by far, one of my top ones.

I was always inspired by Middle East and Africa. I actually have a small collection of African masks and I am planning in growing it.

Up to a point, I am a nomad as I constantly travel and move from one place to another. I am a wanderer. And I especially like to gather objects from the places I visit.

I am in love with objects made by tribes in Africa, by Middles East sculptures and patterns filled with history that embody their rich cultures. Art, lamps, rugs, furniture, photography, sculptures full of textures, sometimes a bit heavy but beautiful. Hand-made, loaded with details that tell the life stories they’ve been through to get where they are now.


Images via DanzaSphere Pinterest

Home Office

The environment has a huge impact in our lives. We all know that. But how many of us are actually doing something about it? And how many of us don’t have a home office?

The beauty of being able to work from home is that you can manage entirely the direction the interior design goes. Therefore, no matter the style, your home office has to inspire you. Add elements that embody your true spirit. Feel free to try out different things and gather objects that help you be more creative.

Also, light is very important. If natural light is a problem, artificial light has to be at its best. Bad light will only get on your nerves, not to mention it will make more tired that normal. Print out images, inspirational text, bring in different textures and materials. Play around until you find the perfect match!

I can’t stress this enough how much it will bring joy and will strike your inner self. Be creative! The beauty is that nothing is wrong and all is right. It is your space and you can do with whatever fits your soul.

Here I added some home office inspiration which I hope will help in taking some stand in finding your perfect space.

Images via DanzaSphere Pinterest

The Great Frank Lloyd Wright

When I studied Art History in school, one of the best experiences I had was discovering the great Frank Lloyd Wright’s work and that one of his houses was right in Buffalo, the Darwin D. Martin House. Another huge aspect in me a bit obsessing even more over his architecture was the fact that he is the creator of one of my absolute favorite museums out there, the Guggenheim. “Wright epitomized the modern ingenuity that shaped American identity in the first half of the 20th century.” (Architecural Digest)

To celebrate his greatness and to bring to the public more of his amazing designs, the MoMA and Columbia University are curating an upcoming exhibition to celebrate his 150th birthday. What a fascinating exhibition this will be!

Architectural Digest – Frank Lloyd Wright

Exceptional Kelly

It is unbelievable what Kelly Wearstler has made in the history of interior design. It is a true life example and a continuous source of inspiration as where interior design is going.

Here, her Austin Residence, is one of my very favorites (even though, it is hard to just name one favorite as all of her projects are dazzling).

Just to mention some of the materials she used: velvet, perforated brass, leather, marble, hand-painted wall coverings, glass, bronze. A perfect mix of unbelievable elements that come together in a stunning and memorable interior. I believe the photography speaks for itself and words are worthless when you look at something so extraordinary.

A true inspiration.

Kelly Wearstler – Austin Residence

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