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The Interview | Javier Capitaine

Throughout this life we encounter all sorts of people, some make bigger impacts on ourselves than others and we end up learning so much more than we expected. Getting to know Capi was one of those moments in life when I knew I met someone who isn’t just extraordinary as a person but as a mentor and coach as well.

With a vast experience in mentoring and coaching, Capi is one person you definitely need to have around. With a strong dedication to his work and the rare ability to help one discover themselves, I can say I truly admire him and  I only wish more people would follow his desire in discovering the possibilities of human kind.


Javier Capitaine is the CEO & Founder, Head Coach at GSA Global Systemic Activation.

What is GSA and how is it different from other methodologies or approaches?

GSA stands for Global Systemic Activation and it is a Systemic Integrated Approach for the design, implementation and management of learning and training processes from beginners to high performance levels.

Each and every one of us is responsible for the processes of teaching, learning and training, whether sports oriented or not. So, this program is focused on those people who need to acquire skills in designing, implementing and managing transformational experiences through a systemic approach.


Tell us about your/GSA believes and how are they implemented into the program?

There are three fundamental beliefs that funded GSA:

  • Each one of our “HERE AND NOW” is made up of the dynamics of change brought about by our physical, mental and emotional drifting.
  • We are beings determined by our structures and we are definitely open to design; we are a consequence of everything we have learned.
  • We come into being from actions. Action is everything; we transform ourselves through doing and nothing is modified by playing with ideas.

Everything is connected: mind, body, and soul. How does GSA connect them and what can we expect from such an experience?

Our Courses Are Based On Conversations Which Teach Participants To Recognize, Activate And Manage Emotional Dynamics, And Also On Coaching Interactions. A Variety Of Exercises Are Used During Processes Involving Learning, Practicing And Training.

Each Session Combines Systemic Global Activation Units Involving Interactions Which Unify The Mental, Physical And Emotional Dimensions Into One. This Approach Is Not Limited To Sports And Fitness.This Approach Is For Individuals And Groups Of People Who Are Involved In Any Kind Of Learning And Training Processes.

The GSA Proposal Is Unique, And Each Session Is A True Challenge To Our Learning Capacity. Participants Are Given Situations To Solve Using Different Motor Skills And Combining Volume, Intensity, Active Pauses And Sequential Organization.

Excercises Include Multitasking And Multifaceted Approaches, And There Is An Emphasis On Perception, Particularly Visual And Rhythmical.

GSA Avoids Traditional, Structured Activities Involving Mechanical Repetition That Neither Include Multi Perceptual Aspects Nor Involve The Range Of Actions To Choose From Which Depend On Variables Proposed By The GSA Coach.

A GSA Session Includes Integrated Exercises For Both Individuals And Groups.

These Interactions Bring Together Body-Brain-Emotional Dynamics Which Act As Specific Triggers In The Transformational Processes.

And this is just an intro to GSA and what Capi is capable of succeeding. We will be back with more.

Thank you, Capi!


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Saturday night thoughts

Human relationships are weird. They push you towards getting to know yourself better but not in the easiest way, especially new but old relationships. When you reconnect with people you knew years back, they, just like you, changed. Or maybe you didnt know them as well as you get to know them now. But lets just keep the “they changed” option on the table. You grew up and so did they. So, now instead of trying to connect the old dots, you should start fresh like it is a new person. The problem is not that easy. Either you want to accept it or not, you, involuntary, make the connections and compare. But with time, you start realizing that, if both of you grew in the right directions, the dots will eventually meet. You just have to have patience and nerves to get over some obstacles.

People are never easy. None of us is.  Any person comes with pluses and minuses and that is the best part of it. Sometimes they drive you crazy or you drive them crazy, but if you want to hug them after that, then most certainly it is the right track to follow.

When someone drives you nuts (in a good way, if that even exists), then probably you care about them more than you would want to accept.

Bare in there and be honest. Of course, honesty is never easy to accept but if you do it in good will, then you are fine. I hope! Still figuring that out.

My thoughts…after all these,  a real hug goes a long way!

Life should be lived to the point of tears

I recently came across the Japanese word ‘yugen’ and I immediately realized it embodies something that I was never quite able to put into words. Apparently ‘yugen’ is an untranslatable word but it has been described as ‘a profound awareness of the Universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words; the subtle grace and beauty in things that surround us.’ This got me thinking…I experience many ‘yugen moments’ throughout my day… I live by the sea so every time I go for my workouts on the beach and hear the sound of the waves I experience that moment of ‘otherness’, something bigger than me, as corny as that sounds…or when I’m on a plane and I have creative ideas or ‘aha’ moments, when I drink my coffee in the morning, when I listen to certain music, when I dance… So next time we talk to someone, instead of asking them how they are, we should ask…where’s the beauty in your life? How do you feed your soul? How do you witness profound feelings of ‘something else’? And I’m not talking about divine or otherworldly experience; I’m talking about this world, about experiences and feelings truly so deep…to the point of tears! Have you ever felt that? Being an extremely sensitive person as I am, I experience moments like these quite often. Maybe I feel too much or I pay too much attention to details, but I usually get these moments while travelling; on trains, planes, taxis…There’s something magical about sitting on the back of a speeding taxi and seeing your past, present and future unravel in front of your eyes…

There’s something about being in a foreign country, away from your ‘belongings’… Something similar happens when I am on a plane, only this time I get a strange awareness of myself, an acute perception of my body and my emotions. I feel as I am in a meditation state, as if I’m floating in a see with no waves. I experienced a similar ‘yugen moment’ while I was weightlessly floating in the Dead Sea, in Israel. You can’t dip your head in the water since it’s very salty; you simply float in a water with no waves and basically no life…breathtaking!

These are the moments I’m talking about, moments of complete awareness, feelings so deep which can transport us to other dimension where we feel…with every inch of us…to the point of tears!

We All Hide Something

Life is a constant game of playing hide and seek with the truth.

The truth is most of the time hard to grasp. We live in a world where lies surround us. We start by lying to ourselves and thinking that to achieve a certain goal something from the outside has to happen in order to succeed. We don’t realize that when success comes most of time it’s because something inside us changed and this solely happens when you change the way you view yourself and you come to the conclusion that happiness it’s your own permission.

So what is happiness and why do we constantly lie to ourselves hopping we can skip whatever it’s on our mind and just take the easy way out? which is pretending…

We put on these masks and we expect ourselves and the rest of the people to just accept it. The worst part is “fake it till you make it”. This can go both ways. In a moment of downfall, thinking positively can go long way but lying to yourself that you are something else, that’s tricky. I believe that for these words to actually work in our favor first and foremost, we have to be honest with ourselves. We have to drop the masks and look the truth in the face. Tough assignment! Because we want all from life – we want success and love and money and freedom and health – we want it all! But what have you done to achieve any of these goals? Why do you think you diserve them? How much have you worked for success? How well are you treating people? How active are you? Are you really doing everything you can from your side to diserve all of these?

Honesty and Investment.

We can’t be constantly honest with ourselves because we then realize how we are not and will never be flawless, that we may hit the downfall, that we make mistakes, that we are not perfect. But there are those moments of pure honesty that wake us up and we come to realize that the world doesn’t own us anything. So, we are back in the anxiety loop. And that’s ok because we are in a process of understanding ourselves, not to fix us.

Invest. No one will do the work for you. If you take the elevator instead of the stairs, you risk getting there before you are ready. I believe there is a time for everything. There is a time for making mistakes and learning from them, a time when you have to take success by the hand and there is a time to meditate. Every period has its investment.

How many of us have been told over and over again, maybe in subtle ways, that there is a ceiling you are capable of, instead of realizing that you can knock down that ceiling to come to the conclusion that there is a whole world above it?





Life As We Know It

Change is a funny thing…and not everyone can do it. Things aren’t what they used to be. Your whole world is transformed. You realized the ground beneath you is shifted. Now things are uncertain and there is no turning back. The world around you is different, close to unrecognizable and there is nothing you can do it about it. The future is stuck in front of you. And then something happens and that’s it … life as you know it will never be the same.

People around you change and some relationships stay and some go, even if we want to or not. It is not the best feeling, if you ask me. Throughout this life we get in contact with people that we click, we are on the same page, it is a joy to have them around. But they don’t stay. And there is this strange feeling in your stomach, like something is missing. But we get used to it and we accept it and we move one. With every relationship, of any kind, when is done, we leave a part of us behind, the part that belonged to it. So we through time losing and gaining. “Maybe that’s the way it should be”. Or maybe not.

This destiny we all have and that everyone says we should trust and follow is quite tricky and confusing at times. We have to let go of things or people we don’t want to and we have to believe this high energy that all is for our own good. Trust the the process. Trust the path. A lot of trusting going on here. Somewhere it will go for sure. I am just curious where.


Image by DanzaSphere Pinterest