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Roge Cavailles

I have talked about it here   about the Roge Cavailles  products and I am as happy about them now as I was before. Now, I tried 3 new products and the brand kept their promise in delivering good quality.

I have tried now the soap, shower oil and body milk, which are perfect for this time of year when your skin gets a bit dehydrated and sensitive. They nourish it without overloading it and lets your skin glowing and looking healthy.

The Almond and Rose Soap is one of my favorites tried so far as soap wise. Usually, a soap dries out your skin. We all know that from experience, yet this one let’s my skin soft while cleaning it really well. Double win, if you ask me! I use it every day and I plan to use it from now on.

I have always loved shower gels based on oil formula. They have the proprieties of a gel combined with the effects of a body oil, meaning it not only cleans it well, but it deeply hydrates your skin which, as a consequence, protects it from dryness. And as I haven’t heard one single person who likes a dry skin, this oil from Roge Cavailles really does what it says.

As the Nutrissance Body Milk, what more can I say than I am extremely happy with it? I love a formula which is light on my skin but also takes care of it. It is made 97% of natural ingredients which include jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and karate butter, 8 vitamins and minerals, like Omega 3 & 6, Vit E, Provit B6, magnesium, Zink, and few others. When all these elements are carefully studied (Roge Cavailles has 90 years of experience)  into obtaining a product that is specially made to protect and hydrate you skin, you can be sure this product is more than suitable for you.

I highly recommended it to all my friends and family because it is one brand I really like and with great results.


You can find them in pharmacies around the country and online on EMag, Farmacia Tei and Dermastore.

Sponsored by Roge Cavailles

Nailed It!

Goodbye, Summer!

Hello, Fall! 


We are slowly waking up from our summer dreams and stepping into the work-based mental state. And everything has to be on point, starting with our manicure and pedicure. I don’t know about someone else, but if my manicure is not well done, I don’t feel at my best. And my treatment starts before putting the nail polish on. Our nails have to be healthy, just like every other part of our body. I have been talking lately about drug store products that work wonders. And I have found one for nails that fits right into this category – FeminoHelp is one product created out of 5 natural oils that is meant to regenerate and strengthens our nails. It actually works. I have been using it for a while now and the results have showed up very fast.



Argan, castor, olive, sesame, and avocado oils are the base of this product. My nails are healthy, strong, and shiny. Try it out! You won’t be disappointed.





Sponsored by FeminoHelp.




An actual drugstore product that works wonders.

I have always had thin and blondish eyebrows. Always wanted them to be thicker but never went for any of the chemical drawing or tattoo. I am the type of person who likes the more natural aspect. I tried a lot of oils but nothing ever worked, until I tried Bonilash. It actually works! My eyebrows are now not just thicker, but they are full as well. And I am as happy as I can be! 


Eyebrows are an important part of the face and having the right ones will accentuate your beauty, but any mistake made to them and you are done! Your whole face just changes and you loose your beauty. So with a proper care, you can look great and all natural. And Bonilash did that!


It is one drugstore product I genuinely advice you to use it. Enjoy!


Sponsored by Bonilash.

5 Elements

Who doesn’t like a good night out spent with their friends in a place that has great food and greater atmosphere? We are all looking now not just for a place where we can eat good food but one that offers an entire experience, food wise and design and atmosphere wise.

The first time I experienced real and good Chinese food was in New York City and since then I have expected for a similar place to open up in Bucharest. Chinese food is so much more than the regular fast-food we all see at the corner of every street or in any mall. And 5 Elemente is all about bringing us this experience.

And you know, I have always trusted TripAdvisor so with an almost 4.5-star, I am pretty sure our expectations will match the real deal.


Sponsored by 5 Elemente

Gymboland, Summer Savior

Summer is coming upon us pretty strong. With temperatures over 40 degrees, it is not safe for ourselves to be outside, rather on our children. But with all this, they still need an environment where they can have fun and interact with other kids and create connections and, especially learn. So, here we are back at Gymboland

With tons of opportunities to learn and have fun, Gymboland is the perfect combination for kids, with many workshops and activities meant to cultivate their passions, to discover new talents, and develop creativity, the capacity of concentration and attention, as well as their insight.


Gymboland este alegerea tuturor copiilor care stiu ce vor de la o vacanta – distractie pe cinste si joaca fara limite. Cum canicula da peste cap solutiile de joaca si impune limite in timpul petrecut in aer liber,
parintii au o alternativa pe cinste in Gymboland si sunt fericiti ca prichindeii lor au parte de un loc de
joaca cool, interactiv unde voia buna se imbina armonios cu educatia si dezvoltarea.
Pe oaza de divertisment de pe taramul Gymboland, copiii se pot bucura in ultimele doua luni de vara, de
concursuri de dans, de activitati de cantat si de exercitii de indemanare care mai de care mai atractive. Isi pot pune creativitatea la incercare creand cele mai simpatice vederi sau rame foto si isi pot transforma eroii preferati din povesti in figurine din plastilina. Micutii cu manute dibace se pot distra copios confectionand fluturasi 3D, ornand borcanele sau modeland palmute din lut.
Nu au uitat nici de mult-indragitele jocuri clasice ale copilariei. Copiii sunt ajutati sa isi consume energia
si sa isi dezvolte musculatura si corpul jucand ”Ratele si vanatorii” sau bowling in cadrul atelierelor
noastre de vara.
Aceste distractii pe cinste, care fac vacanta de vara mai frumoasa fiecarui copil aduc un plus important in
dezvoltarea lor oferindu-le posibilitatea de a-si exersa si dezvolta coordonarea mana-ochi, abilitatile cognitive, perspicacitatea si imaginatia.
Indiferent ca picteaza, creeaza decoratiuni, confectioneaza hainute, se indeletniceste cu tainele origami
sau canta ori danseaza, un lucru este cert: nu este niciodata nici singur si nici plictisit!
Sponsored by Gymboland

Silk and Softness

Boiling hot in Romania. We are slowly melting. So hot that you have the feeling you can’t stand anything on your skin, rather on some body lotion. But I found that spray body lotion is the best option for me. It applies easily and gets absorbed fast, plus you can spray your entire body, even the harder parts, like your back. I love the ones with light textures, that don’t overload my skin but instead makes it really silky and soft.

Rogé Cavaillès has come up with Lait Hydratant Spray Express, a spray body lotion that not only does all that, but it is so easy and extremely fast to apply. Imagine being able to get dressed right after you finish putting lotion on? Pretty exciting, right?


Sponsored by Rogé Cavaillès