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Changing Times

And we start doing something, then we change, then we get lost, then we get an idea…we follow it, we adjust the trajectory a little bit and we end up doing something we were supposed to do from the very beginning. Why do we get off topic so often and so much? We stop listening to what our inner self is telling us and start looking too much around us to what we are supposed to do…and we end up half way through our lives figuring out that we were meant to do something else, something we were supposed to do from the very beginning and we forgot about it.


we get lost on the way…my question is how we get less lost and how we stay more on track than often?


DanzaSphere is changing…and until that happens I will write down some of my thoughts…some will make sense, some will seem unable to follow .. but isn’t this how our mind runs sometimes? plus, I need to relax somehow throughout this process and writing has always been a good getaway.


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