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Entry #1

Entry #1 of the Self-Discovery Process.


Just go with the flow. I follow my instinct without looking back or over-analyzing. Throughout my teen/adult life I was so careful about my words and my actions, overthinking all aspects of my surroundings that I feel like I lost track of myself a bit. So, to take Danza where I want to, I have to first take myself on a discovery journey. It is not going to be easy but here I am. Let’s see where this goes.


I feel like social media went to whole new level with this “great life” everyone is showing. Do not get me wrong, I love social media and all of technology’s aspects, but where is the truth? how much of what we see is true? I have a strong feeling not all we see is so pink and dreamy. And, honestly, it is not human to have it all put together and all good things going to your way all the time (or is it and I am just not one of those lucky ones?). Anyways, I am not here to talk about other’s life. Each with their lives.

The reason I started talking about social media is about what I am going to write here and it might not be on the same page with what social media shows right now, which is all “beauty, travel, perfect lifestyle”.

I had and have a great life, don’t get me wrong.  Lucky to be able to do what I want, with supportive family and friends. But I want more from myself. I want to learn about who I am and see how far I can take myself on spiritual, professional, personal level.



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