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Entry #2

Entry #2 of the Self-Discovery Process – Be an associational thinker.

Creative process. Risks. Mistakes. Pick up the pieces. Learn. Continue.

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Blurring the boundaries between my thoughts.

I have not met a person who does not have fears, yet is how you deal with them that creates a difference between us all. I have fears, I have plans, I made mistakes, I lost and gained important relationships, I am …oh well, me.

I ache for that feeling of pure joy, of freedom, like driving with the windows all the way down and letting the air run through my hair. That moment of silence when you see something extraordinary and words are worthless and you just want to stay there, as still as you can so it doesn’t disappear, and admire the beauty in front of you. That moment that makes your stomach really small and cuts your breath away and you know it is a unique and singular moment, in its beauty and agony. A moment that is passing through time but stays with you forever.

But too many thoughts run through my mind and that moment only lasts few seconds and … it’s gone. It is now  a memory.

And we live through the memories while dreaming of tomorrows.


It is ok to make mistakes. Freestyle. Pick up the pieces and try again.

Most of the time we play it safe. Pre-scripting our lives.

Courage…Courage to step into the unknown willing to make mistakes, knowing you can discover something extraordinary.

And here it is … creativity 



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