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Hawaii, my land of pure happiness

There is no need to mention again my love for traveling. It is part of my life and I don’t see myself ever settling for anything less than seeing the beauty of this world.

One of my dream locations is the ever mesmerizing Hawaii. One of my regrets (if I can call it that way) is the fact that I lived in the US for more than 4 years and I never got myself to this heaven on earth. But the plans still stand and I hope in the near future I can swim in the beautiful ocean.

Meanwhile, I read about the different islands and get myself all well-informed so when I do get there I will be less like a tourist and more like a resident. (My hope are quite big, aren’t they?)

We’ve all heard about Honolulu, Kauai, Oahu, and Lanai, but there are eight different islands, one more beautiful than the other. So I might as well just move there for three months to make sure I truly experienced the Hawaiian lifestyle, right? I only wish! While I love to dream with my eyes too wide open sometimes, let’s face it: in one vacation you can see so much. So I gathered few thoughts of what my vacation would look like.

There are secret swimming holes. I mean that is just perfect. As you walk through the dense forest and get close to the water, you might step into these peaceful natural pools in between the rocks where you can just swim and relax. Waterfalls are everywhere and, while you make sure to wear proper shoes (apparently the rocks might pinch you a bit in the feet), you can jump in the waterfall and have the time of your life. Heaven!

Black beachs, also known as Punalu’u Beach, are sand composed of lava. They can be found on the Big Island and while you enjoy this not-so-common view, you can chill out with the sleeping turtles and make yourself new friends with these amazing creatures, of course from a distant because they are protected by law. I will just wave and wink at them because we understand each other’s sleeping mode.

If you have a sweet tooth like I do, this is the place to be. With desserts all over the place, I can only imagine the heaven I will be in. Guri guri, a hybrid of shaved ice and sorbet, hot glazes on a stick are the perfect desserts for those hot days. A must try!

Watch the dolphins at sunsets. What a dream! I am not a fan of aquariums because it just breaks my heart when I see these amazing animals who are just held in such small places. I remember the last time I went to one, when I was a child, and I went to a dolphin show. I started crying and we had to leave the show earlier. Just heartbreaking! Anyways, back to my vacation in Hawaii. Here, you can watch them free in the ocean, where they belong.

Also, the Stairway to Heaven. I read somewhere it’s considered trespassing, but it has one of the most amazing views in this world. Maybe a risk worth taking? Still thinking about it.

Of course, this trip cannot be completed with a great resort and visiting the temples and the Japanese Gardens. The land of exotic fruits and perfect sunrises and sunsets and surfers!

4 Responses
  • Livia Rudareanu
    June 23, 2017

    Hi Diana,
    You are very talented, I like your beautiful presentation about the Paradise named Hawaii, you can write a book. Good job!
    My favorite island is Oahu. Maybe because I am a city person. Waikiki Beach is the place I always stay while in Honolulu.
    You should mention the special air, the fragrance of the beautiful Plumeria blooms. Lots of exotic flowers and plants. And the amazing exotic fruit, apple banana, papaya, pineapple. They are saying they have the best and the cleanest water. The water is pure and tastes great. The food is great, lots and lots of seafood and of course the local food.
    As an FYI, the Pacific is cold, some people wear wet suit and some don’t. You can take a cruise and go whale watching. It’s amazing.
    The Stairway to Heaven is closed for public. I understood the stairs are not safe because of advanced rust and you don’t want to get stranded. If you trespass you get arrested, get fined…, no fun for a vacation.
    Oahu is very populated, crowded I can say. The people of Oahu are so kind, always smiling and ready to help.
    Make sure you don’t take a stone as souvenir from the Big Island. It is a legend that it will bring you bad luck .
    The other islands are beautiful but most of the people visiting go to play golf which is an expensive sport on the islands or go to the beautiful beaches.
    My dream is to retire to Hawaii. I don’t know yet if it will ever be possible because it’s very expensive but I keep on dreaming …
    I wish you with all my heart to come and visit Hawaii!

    • Diana
      June 26, 2017

      Hi Livia,

      Thank you for your kind words and exceptional details. They help a lot in discovering even more this beautiful place. It is extraordinary to have an input from someone who has been spending their vacation in Hawaii for years now. And you confirmed as I imagine being the heaven on Earth not just geographically speaking and weather wise, but also for the exotic fruits and seafood. My very favorite foods out of all.

      I have been to the Pacific Ocean and I remember not being the warmest, but one thing I would absolutely love to do in this life is to learn to surf. So this is the perfect place 🙂

      I would also want to retire there, if possible. It sounds like the best place to be when you have all the time in the world to truly experience the locals.

      Thank you again! And I am really glad you enjoyed it! Keep in touch!


      • Livia
        July 2, 2017

        Hi Diana,

        Since 2011 every November I go for two weeks to Hawaii. Very hard to leave the place. I met lots of people who relocated to Hawaii. The only thing you need is lots of money. I believe is the most expensive state in the US. That’s because the islands are small, so not too much space for constructions and except coffee, fruit and sea food everything is brought in from the continent.
        I am waiting to retire and then, to calculate how much we can afford and if possible to make the move. I know how happy I would be. We need to leave crazy California, the taxes here are going up year by year, not fun at all.
        If I remember well I learnt to surf at the Black Sea just when I graduated. You can start there and later enjoy surfing the Pacific.
        Living here for a little more than 30 years, I visited almost all states. The most interesting trip was cross country from New York to California. Driving from New York and stopping on the way, visiting wonderful places like the Grand Canyon, the Canyons from Moab – Utah and Bryce Canyon, the Valley of Colorado River, National Parks. I visited for the first time Chicago and I loved it, I stopped in Dubois Pennsylvania, in Arizona we went to Jacob’s Cabin at 11,000 feet altitude. It was snowing and hard to breathe. It was a one month relocation/ vacation. I won’t forget the trip and the amazing places.

        I hope for both of us to reach our dream!

        Good luck!
        Many hugs, Livia

        • Diana
          July 12, 2017

          Hi Livia,

          Everything you mention is just awesome! I visited Chicago as well. Loved it! But I also loved Boston and Philadelphia. There are great cities and places around U.S. that are definitely worth the visit and experience. Just like most of this world. Such an amazing place with so many opportunities and I hope we get to meet ours:)

          Big hugs from Romania!

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