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Life should be lived to the point of tears

I recently came across the Japanese word ‘yugen’ and I immediately realized it embodies something that I was never quite able to put into words. Apparently ‘yugen’ is an untranslatable word but it has been described as ‘a profound awareness of the Universe that triggers feelings too deep and mysterious for words; the subtle grace and beauty in things that surround us.’ This got me thinking…I experience many ‘yugen moments’ throughout my day… I live by the sea so every time I go for my workouts on the beach and hear the sound of the waves I experience that moment of ‘otherness’, something bigger than me, as corny as that sounds…or when I’m on a plane and I have creative ideas or ‘aha’ moments, when I drink my coffee in the morning, when I listen to certain music, when I dance… So next time we talk to someone, instead of asking them how they are, we should ask…where’s the beauty in your life? How do you feed your soul? How do you witness profound feelings of ‘something else’? And I’m not talking about divine or otherworldly experience; I’m talking about this world, about experiences and feelings truly so deep…to the point of tears! Have you ever felt that? Being an extremely sensitive person as I am, I experience moments like these quite often. Maybe I feel too much or I pay too much attention to details, but I usually get these moments while travelling; on trains, planes, taxis…There’s something magical about sitting on the back of a speeding taxi and seeing your past, present and future unravel in front of your eyes…

There’s something about being in a foreign country, away from your ‘belongings’… Something similar happens when I am on a plane, only this time I get a strange awareness of myself, an acute perception of my body and my emotions. I feel as I am in a meditation state, as if I’m floating in a see with no waves. I experienced a similar ‘yugen moment’ while I was weightlessly floating in the Dead Sea, in Israel. You can’t dip your head in the water since it’s very salty; you simply float in a water with no waves and basically no life…breathtaking!

These are the moments I’m talking about, moments of complete awareness, feelings so deep which can transport us to other dimension where we feel…with every inch of us…to the point of tears!

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