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Life Trains

I come to realize that all I want is at the bottom of my fingertips. Yes, it is not there to just take it. I have to be ready for different experiences. As I look back at my life, there are some trains I lost and that maybe because I was not ready for them. I talk here about both personal and professional life.

All matters have a timing. And I feel that today is my time. At the age of 29, I am happier than I have ever been and more mature than I was yesterday and less than tomorrow. One feeling I love! Because it makes me realize I still have to grow as a person and develop into the human being I aspire to become.

I am no rush to grow older like I was when a teenager, when all I wanted was to be on my own and get out of my parents house (don’t we all had that feeling?). Now, I cherish more than ever the moments spent with my family and I always want them by my side. Parents are always right and they are the ones who will stay beside you no matter the problem. We should all listen to them more often!

But getting back to my thoughts about life trains. How do you know when the train will arrive and which one you should hop into? Gut will give you some hints and if you are in contact with your inner self, you will know when the time is right. As for which one you should jump into…well, that is a different story. This is when risks come into discussion. Every new chapter in your life will mean new risks, some you can predict and some you will have no idea about until they will hit you straight in the face. Are you ready for them? If the answer is yes, then jump! Go ahead and take a leap of faith. There is so much you can gain and what you have to lose? Time? Time is relevant up to a point. You can change your life no matter the age. No one stops you. If you consider your life is ready for the change, than just do it. The ones who trust you, will be there to support. The ones who don’t, well..who needs them?

I always trusted myself. Even when I didn’t see it. Just like everyone else, I have my doubts and fears, but fear will never stand in the way of my decisions (or at least I hope it won’t).

My thoughts always spin around developing as a person. I know that if I get to know myself better, I can make better decisions and my life will only get brighter. I am also aware that life is not always black and white and there will be struggles coming my away but what is life without some bumps on the way?

Be honest and happy with yourself. Cherish your good parts and work on your weaknesses.


Photography: 1 // 2 // 3 // Ashley Judd

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