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Silk and Softness

Boiling hot in Romania. We are slowly melting. So hot that you have the feeling you can’t stand anything on your skin, rather on some body lotion. But I found that spray body lotion is the best option for me.

Nomadic Spaces

As an interior designer, it is hard to just mention one single style as I tend to go back and forth from minimalism (rarely) to heavy decorations, but I can truly say that nomadic interiors are,

Sun Kissed

I don’t know how the weather is wherever you are, but here, in Romania, we are melting. With over 40 degrees Celsius (over 100 degrees F), the air is close to unbreathable;

The Shadows of Alexandra Calafeteanu

By Posted on 24

My dear and old friend, fashion designer Alexandra Calafeteanu, brought to life yet another exceptional collection. With a desire to discover the beauty of women in all forms,

What is normal and how to overcome this nonsense

I have to be honest. I dislike the word “normal”. What is normal? And why should I follow some rules just because the society says so? I am not the type to fit in a certain group of standards.

No such thing as a bad hair day!

I mean, let’s face it: hair is just as important for men as it is for women. Right? And everyone, no matter their status, wants a perfect hair. So for one minute,

Gymboland, where stories become the best parties

Playing is the most important aspect in developing not just the body, but our brains also. It is proven that taking risks (and overcoming them) during playing it is an essential part in the progression of a child.

The coolest room for the youngsters by Mr.Pich

Mr.Pich is the place to go for children’s clothes. With a selection of brands from all over the world, Mr.Pich respects even the most demanding criteria of design,

Hawaii, my land of pure happiness

There is no need to mention again my love for traveling. It is part of my life and I don’t see myself ever settling for anything less than seeing the beauty of this world.

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