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5 Elements

Who doesn’t like a good night out spent with their friends in a place that has great food and greater atmosphere? We are all looking now not just for a place where we can eat good food but one that offers an entire experience,

Gymboland, Summer Savior

Summer is coming upon us pretty strong. With temperatures over 40 degrees, it is not safe for ourselves to be outside, rather on our children. But with all this, they still need an environment where they can have fun and interact with other kids and create connections and,

Oversized nature

We love plants and we love them big and imposing.

An interior can change its aspect big times when we add a considerable large pot with an even bigger plant.

Inspiration | Week 29 |

There are times when words don’t come as easy but you get lucky and design (of any kind) saves the day, or at least it saved mine few days ago.

Silk and Softness

Boiling hot in Romania. We are slowly melting. So hot that you have the feeling you can’t stand anything on your skin, rather on some body lotion. But I found that spray body lotion is the best option for me.

Nomadic Spaces

As an interior designer, it is hard to just mention one single style as I tend to go back and forth from minimalism (rarely) to heavy decorations, but I can truly say that nomadic interiors are,

Sun Kissed

I don’t know how the weather is wherever you are, but here, in Romania, we are melting. With over 40 degrees Celsius (over 100 degrees F), the air is close to unbreathable;

The Shadows of Alexandra Calafeteanu

By Posted on 24

My dear and old friend, fashion designer Alexandra Calafeteanu, brought to life yet another exceptional collection. With a desire to discover the beauty of women in all forms,

What is normal and how to overcome this nonsense

I have to be honest. I dislike the word “normal”. What is normal? And why should I follow some rules just because the society says so? I am not the type to fit in a certain group of standards.

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