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Roge Cavailles

I have talked about it here   about the Roge Cavailles  products and I am as happy about them now as I was before. Now, I tried 3 new products and the brand kept their promise in delivering good quality.

I have tried now the soap, shower oil and body milk, which are perfect for this time of year when your skin gets a bit dehydrated and sensitive. They nourish it without overloading it and lets your skin glowing and looking healthy.

The Almond and Rose Soap is one of my favorites tried so far as soap wise. Usually, a soap dries out your skin. We all know that from experience, yet this one let’s my skin soft while cleaning it really well. Double win, if you ask me! I use it every day and I plan to use it from now on.

I have always loved shower gels based on oil formula. They have the proprieties of a gel combined with the effects of a body oil, meaning it not only cleans it well, but it deeply hydrates your skin which, as a consequence, protects it from dryness. And as I haven’t heard one single person who likes a dry skin, this oil from Roge Cavailles really does what it says.

As the Nutrissance Body Milk, what more can I say than I am extremely happy with it? I love a formula which is light on my skin but also takes care of it. It is made 97% of natural ingredients which include jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, and karate butter, 8 vitamins and minerals, like Omega 3 & 6, Vit E, Provit B6, magnesium, Zink, and few others. When all these elements are carefully studied (Roge Cavailles has 90 years of experience)  into obtaining a product that is specially made to protect and hydrate you skin, you can be sure this product is more than suitable for you.

I highly recommended it to all my friends and family because it is one brand I really like and with great results.


You can find them in pharmacies around the country and online on EMag, Farmacia Tei and Dermastore.

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