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The Interview | Dana Chelariu |


Dana made me fall in love with Paris.

One of the nicest and kindest persons I have virtually met (Dana, I promise, we will meet soon) and with an eye for romanticizing the world around us, Dana creates art through her photography.  She is one of those people you definitely want to have around.


Few words about you and what kind of beauty you bring to this world? I’m a lifestyle and travel editor living in Paris. I try to inspire people with stories and visual beauty, architecture and moments from the city I live in.

What were some of the struggles you had to go through? The one thing that still consumes me it’s not having all the time dedicated just to the writing process and inspiration quest. I have a day job that takes most of my time and energy and I only have one day off left on my week to do what I most love to do…


Where does your inspiration comes from? Inspiration comes while reading…books, articles etc. I always make lists with pair of words that go nice together and that I use in different contents I need to write.

What made you chose what you are doing today? I grow up without much technology and television. My escape was the mountains and the books. Lately I changed the scenery but I still have the books…People often say that because I’m more of a solitary person that I keep finding my comfort in books and writing. Truth is there’s nothing more captivating than reading other people’s stories or creating captivating and inspiring stories.

How does your work influence the world around us? I really hope people will see more  the beauty around us, dream more and think less at the côtés negatifs of life.


Where do you see the tendencies going towards? There will be more and more video content,  for sure.

Future plans? Inspire and encourage those around me& travel.

 If one thing, what would you advice your younger self? To dare more, to spend my time wisely, to go on travels as often I can, to be more confident…



Dana on Instagram   & This is Glamorous





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